Bloggy McBloggerson

It is 3:49 and this is me:

I’ll follow you into the dark lyrics stuck in my head.  Worries about my next source of income. Excitement about my untapped potential. Nervousness about my untapped potential. Focussing in and out of reality…I’m still itchy and in my underwear trying to figure out how I’m going to clean house, shop and cook before Tiffany gets home. A hydrocortisone box sits to my left. My cat, Paisan sits about six feet in front of me, laying on a TV that’s not technically mine. My other cat, Cleopatra, rests in the direction of my late mother, 17, holding her highschool diploma. Homemade flashcards are scattered on the floor. They contain info of enharmonic scales and scale degrees, key signatures.  They are EVERYWHERE. Wow…I’m turning into a college student. For free! YES!

Humming and tapping, clicking and licking, my universe.

Sunlight and itchy frights and messes abroad.

Longings and hopings, cheerings and mopings.

Music surrounds, it’s in my downtowns(if you’re going downtown, I might as well be on your way…).

Urgings and purgings, dreamings and schemings.

I gotta get goin but the shit keeps a flowin’ and I hope the winds a’blowin, cuz  I’m on a frickin’ bike.



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